About us


Empower organizations with Customer Insight and Action solutions fostering data-driven decision making at every stage. We aim to cultivate a world where informed choices are the norm, not the exception.


Deliver intuitive, high-quality tools fostering data-driven decision making. Our focus is on user-friendly features, ensuring simplicity without compromising functionality.


  • Openness: we use standard data formats and release source available code.
  • Transparency: we build trust with our customers by providing complete and accurate information that allows them to make informed decisions.
  • Fairness: we make better decision-making accessible by enhancing it through data-driven insights and emphasizing collaboration. Our tools effectively complement existing solutions.
  • Social responsibility: we commit to social and environmental sustainability as part of the interdependent world we live in.
  • Made in Europe: from Europe to the world, contributing to the European ecosystem of innovation and technology.